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Pumps, Mixers, Heatingventilation, etc... can be connected by the software.It is possible to put more heatingvalues in a timetable. Build in the software are several energy optimising programs. Temperaturesum-regulation ist built-in. Is a mixer available for the heating in the house, then the housetemperature regulates to +-0.2° of the given value. Measuring values and the status were recorded and can be viewed also for passed days with the software. 



Regulation of top and side ventilations. If there is rain, wind and storm the air-ventilation closes to protect the greenhouses. It is possible to put a value for a minimal openstep then. If there is hurricane the ventilations close completely. In the evening it is possible to add a value so that the ventilations close earlier and faster. The ventilation sides switch in combination to the winddirection.

The screens opens in the morning from a given value. This happens step by step. For example 3 times 10% open. After that the screen opens completely. If there is a bright day and the temperature above the screen is low, then the screens open later to save the energy. The screen opens if the temperature above the screen is warm enough or a time is reached. There are seperate values for the morning and the evening.

There are seperate values for a ventilator, the heating, screen and the air-ventilation. If the given values are reached then the screen opens or the air ventilations opens step by step. To dishumidify the greenhouse.

It is possible to give water by time. In combination with a timetable it is possible to add step by step more functions, for example also the influence of the sun radiation. Step by step it is also possible to add the influence of the temperature. That means the more temperature, the more water the plants need.


If a given value is not reached by the sun then the lighting is switched on until the value is reached. Or the light is switched on at a given timetable.